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The good health of digital advertising in Spain

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The good health of digital advertising in Spain

With more than twenty years of experience in the digital sector. He is currently general manager for Spain … Brands face constant challenges in digital advertising. Much has been said about how to impact the user in the right context, reach them through new emerging channels or how Qatar Mobile Database to comply with their privacy and the GDPR. But if I had to choose a subject, I would stick with the verification of the campaigns. Because brands have not hesitated to invest in technology that allows not only measurement, but also operating in safe environments. Ensuring viewability and brand security, while avoiding fraud has been a priority for agencies and advertisers. And all this is precisely the verification. Qatar Mobile Database

Thanks to effective verification technologies and the ability to optimize campaigns, digital fraud is at controlled levels. In Spain, the latest Media Quality Report S2 2018 , indicates that for optimized campaigns, -with verification technology-, the figure in 2018 has remained stable in the case of desktop display with a reduced 0.5%. And even less has been on the mobile web (0.2%). This means that, taking into Brother Cell Phone List account the IAB data on digital advertising investment in Spain, the losses as a result of digital fraud range, approximately, between two and four million euros for mobile web and desktop displayrespectively. However, what if brands don’t use verification technology? The answer is clear: fraud problems for brands are proliferating. In fact, it is passed on desktop display in optimized campaigns of 0.5%, to a global percentage, in this channel, and for non-optimized ones, of 10%. This percentage, translates, in global terms, into losses that could be approximately equivalent to a maximum figure of 27,000 million dollars.

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That in terms of digital fraud, because the S2 2018 Media Quality Report provides a good number of figures that only confirm the good health of digital advertising in Spain. Among others, and as a great novelty, is that, for the first time, the visibility ( viewability ) of programmatic or automated advertising for desktop display exceeds direct purchases. Specifically, automated advertising for desktop displays reached 59.3%, with an improvement of 6% in the last half of 2018 compared to the previous one, while in direct purchases it reached 58.7%. In addition, for that same channel, the figures confirm the progressive growth rate of the program, which remains in-view for at least five seconds . This now stands at 42.2% after increasing 4% in relation to the previous six months, while direct purchases represent 39.9% of the total in the same terms of visibility. And regarding the levels of viewability in video, the figures are also very good, reaching 68.7% for programmatic on desktop after having grown slightly. And up to 69.6% on the mobile web, after rising almost 2%.


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