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Social media harnesses the impact of the NFL

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Social media harnesses the impact of the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is the sports league with the greatest commercial success and media impact, not only because of the enormous amount of merchandising and licensing around the league or one of its 32 franchises, but also because of its attractiveness to brands during transmission. of the games, if forget, of course, the Superbowl, one of the Buy Venezuela Cell Phone Numbers most important sporting events of the year. Its success is due to a skillful management of its image and brand through an important marketing and advertising strategy. Alliances with brands such as Nike that dresses all teams, or with television networks -both in the United States and other countries-, are an example of this and, now this reach reaches social networks.

Snapchat. The fastest growing social network in recent years, particularly for its engagement with the millennial audience and Z, has also stood out for offering tools and functions that are used by brands. Now, the NFL launches its channel on Discovery to offer content from the league through the app. Twitter The social network that Jack Dorsey still runs is one of those that is most committed to sports leagues as part of its strategy for being attractive to users – and fans – to get out of the growth jam in which it has been for months. The NFL could not be the exception, so they achieved an alliance that will allow the social network to have special coverage for ‘Thursday Night Football’ matches, and it will also launch a new app compatible with Xbox One, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV , to boost their presence in games.

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Facebook. The social network with the largest reach in the world with more than 1.6 billion users, however, it knows that in terms of sports it has a slight disadvantage so it tries to adapt to the situation to Phone Number List be attractive to users. At the beginning of the year Facebook Sports Stadium, in order to follow up on play-off matches but focused on the Superbowl. Currently Facebook has a function that offers users to share on their wall that they are following or enjoying a sporting event, among them NFL games are already proposed.

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