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Manchester City uses Snapchat to invite fans to generate content for the club

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Manchester City uses Snapchat to invite fans to generate content for the club

Soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world, and also one of the most closely linked to big brands. Estimates from the International Union of Lawyers (UIA) indicate that the world sports industry generates 700 billion dollars annually. The Premier League is one India Phone Number List of the sports leagues with the highest brand value (the largest in football) and an example in marketing management, not only because it is the most viewed worldwide (more than 4 million audience), but for enjoying one of the largest television contracts, valued at more than $ 11.2 billion.

One of the teams is beginning to stand out for its digital marketing strategies is Manchester City , this because it has just launched a dynamic in which it invites its fans to be the ones who generate content for the club on social networks. It is an action that uses Snapchat Spectacles for a fan to become a ‘host’ for City, and will be in charge of sharing images and special content through the club’s social networks. In this way, the ‘Blues’ become the first team in the Premier League to use the new glasses from the ghost network to use them during matches and to offer exclusive content to fans “from the point of view of another fan. ”. For this marketing action, it partnered with one EA Sports , to select the ‘host’.

Manchester City stands out for the management of its digital marketing, last July, as part of its promotional campaign for the hiring of Josep Guardiola as its new coach, it brought together the club’s fan number, Noel Gallagher (musician and former leader of Oasis) with Catalan in a Phone Number List video shared on their social networks to ‘talk’ and exchange anecdotes. Another club that is costing due to technology and digital marketing is Arsenal Football Club, which launched an app designed specifically for its younger fans , the interesting thing is that it will not only be aimed at English children, but also at ‘mini’ fans to the club around the world.


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