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How much does it cost for influencers like Messi or Ronaldo to post in favor of a brand?

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How much does it cost for influencers like Messi or Ronaldo to post in favor of a brand?

That brands employ influencers in their digital marketing strategies is a common resource, this because they are personalities that have deep engagement with users, so they become the ideal bridge to increase the reach of a product or service. Athletes are some brand ambassadors Buy Ukraine Mobile Phone Number List who, in turn, have positioned themselves as influencers on social networks due to the number of followers they have, which makes them ideal spokespersons, especially considering that for 69 percent of people say they are more confident when they see ads featuring a recognized athlete.

This applies to social networks where a post by an influencer can influence the perception of users. In this context, the report “Sport Digital Marketing 2016”, carried out by Euromericas Sport Marketing reveals that Lionel Messi is the one with the highest value in terms of sports. A publication of the soccer player of the Argentina and FC Barcelona team costs 460 thousand dollars, while one of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo has a value of 376 thousand dollars, while the Brazilian Neymar Jr. is the third on the list with a value of $ 244,700.

The figures are not surprising because athletes are a magnet on social networks, Ronaldo is the one with the largest number of followers, exceeding 273 million on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Despite not having a personal twitter account, Messi ranks second by Phone Number List surpassing 120 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. other athletes that stand out are Neymar Jr, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. However, only Ronaldo and Messi manage to position themselves at the level – and even surpass – figures of the show like Katy Perry, who has 234 million followers, Selena Gómez with 215 million, and Rihanna 199 million. This is important considering that, according to Burst Media, at the end of this year 59 percent of companies are expected to increase their investments in influencer marketing strategies.

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